it's hard to resist ruszel's warm voice, honest lyrics and crisp's the voice of a great storyteller 

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Andy Ruszel, aka Andy the Songwriter, is a progressive indie folk artist whose warm voice and  great storytelling combined with great hooks consistently move and charm audiences.  Andy believes in the power of song to entertain and heal.  He  describes his music as swing/folk or country/ jazz or as the title of one of his album says, 'grass... hints of bluegrass, folkgrass, reggaegrass, or just good ole acoustic music. Duke Ellington realized that it is important for an artist to have an individual style, but music itself should not be limited by the confines popular styles.  It truly is crossover music because it makes all kinds of people just want to singalong, and when people sing together it brings them together. What's so funny about peace, love and understanding.

Born in Blackpool, he  grew up in Toronto and spontaneously and naturally began writing songs.  From his fist appearance in Jr. High it wasn't long before he was playing the "Meat and Potatoes" folk circuit in Toronto, with his brother Paul.   University pubs and the country bars of the big city soon followed.   After moving to Vancouver Island on Canada's beautiful west coast Andy continued to feature his unique brand of fusion folk.  He also played in the popular Vancouver Island folkrock band, Seadog and along with Marc Gorosh and Bob Haist he formed the powerhouse R&B unit  Jellyroll.  He has been featured at all the major festivals on the Island and continues to be a favorite at folk clubs, coffee houses, restaurants and festivals.   His love of politics and community has also taken him to political rallies, hospital beds and church socials.    

Andy's songs have always featured strong lyrics combined with exceptioanlly singable choruses.   It's Andy's warm voice and rock steady guitar playing that anchors these songs and allows Andy to weave elements of folk, country, old time gospel and swing into an instantly recognizable sound.   More than that however Andy came up in an era where songs reflected social issues, spiritual journeys and community engagement.   He's  always kept that with him   Andy's penchant for sincere lyrics and great singalong choruses is reflected in his association with RCA records and 'grass records; his songs have been covered and performed by such artists as Charlotte Diamond, the Rovers and country rockers, Whiskey Hollow.   He has released three albums: 'grass, We'er Here To Cheer the Weary Traveler Vol.1 and We're Here To Cheer the Weary Traveler Vol. 2 

Today Andy the Songwriter lives in Victoria and continues to perform solo (and with a duo and trio).  Like Picasso, he is always adding new colours to his pallette and continues to write refreshing, quirkly and always singable songs.   

Andy would like to give a big shout out to the musicians he has worked with or been close to over the years (to paraphrase Chuck Berry no particular order to go): Bob Wilburn, Marvin Dolgay, Tim Taylor, Shelley Mullins, Lonnie Glass, Kelly Spearing, Daryl Posehn,  Alan Eskelson,  Alan Bergman, Alan Law,  Jerry Paquette, Marc Gorosh, Bob Haist, Jay, Norm Atwell, Blair Lewis, Jim Kent, Dave Work, Bob Campbell, Monty Nordstrom, John and Michelle Law,  Larry Statland Lawrence, Trisha Gagnon, Tammy Fassaert, Micheal Brooks, Charlotte Diamond, Whiskey Hollow, Micheal Pickett, John Forrest, Daniel Lapp, Mike Kraft, Chris Stevens, Mike Sadava,  Peter Lawson, Brad Kent, Tom Horsefall,  JJ Charlebois,  his wonderful musical family circle, Julian Ruszel, Tad Ruszel and Paul Ruszel

 We're here to cheer the weary traveler